fake hermes belt vs real On the other hand, our friends from way different backgrounds all agreed with me: her behaviour was well over the line, his was just as bad for trying to hide things from me even for doing it to try to not make me worry, and he should have had more respect for my feelings when you are in a relationship where a child is affected even more so! My advice to you would be if the biggest issuse for you is that you just wish you were spending more time with your partner wether it be as a family or intimately, to try and calmly talk with your partner, explain as best as you can how things look from your perspective, whilst reassuring him that youre not accusing him of anything like cheating (people are very good at turning the issue back on you rather than accepting they may be hurting anyone else) and why you wish you were spending more time together, focusing on all the positives in your relationship. If you seem like youre having a go at him in any way or accusing him of anything (not saying OP has been, I didnt feel like I was when I spoke to my boyfriend but he took it that way anyway) he wont respond well and probably just wont want to listen to you. He is in the wrong, I would agree boundaries are being crossed with other comments that she should be making more of an effort to get to know you and baby if she is intent on spending so much time with your partner, if anything it is polite. fake hermes belt vs real

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