Built for new and experienced users alike. It well maintained but things get tested before release. This distro tends to appeal to a more mature user, the community forum often reflects that. 16 months agoWhat should I encode?Hi can you help me to know what is the RDO code of Convegys it is located in commonwealth at technohubhi where is rdo 132? i need to update my exemptionsDoes RDO Code 000 means the head office?Is canada-gooseoutlets RDO code the same as branch code?Hi, can somebody help me locate where RDO 116 is located? thanks!Hello po, i just need help with my BIR forms 1905 and 2305 Hmm. Pumunta po ako last time sa Bir sa Binan, Lag then sabi po sakin yung 1905 ko sa Cubao ko daw paayos then sa Makati naman yun 2305. Im very confused po why do I need to go to those places kasi nung nag aayos po ako ng requirements for my 2nd company nai process ko agad w/o going anywhere else except sa BIR Binan, Lag.

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