tranzit comments on I have a sneaking suspicion Rogers is throttling my internet

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canada goose uk black friday Anyways, if it happening EVERY day at 5am, then lets up at midnight, it sounds way too coincidental. Something is Canada Goose Outlet on a timer. First, throttling typically occurred between 4pm 2am (When Bell was doing it), and cheap Canada Goose I believed Rogers canada goose clearance followed close suit. That type of throttling was DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) which would throttle traffic OTHER than HTTP (ie: High ports / torrents / games / etc). canada goose uk black friday

Canada Goose Outlet Here canada goose coats on sale a few tests to do. Yes, they are canada goose a pain in the ass, but it may help. Connect a single device directly to your modem at 23:55 (just before you claim this begins). Open up a constant ping (ie: ping t and check response times. If it goes as claimed, you see a spike from 5ms to 125ms at the same time. A better alternative is something like SmokePing, although canada goose coats this is a nix application and a bit of a bitch to Canada Goose Jackets patch to run on Windows (unless you cool with that). An canada goose clearance sale alternative is this :Set it up to run basically overnight. It should send a few thousand pings out over that time frame and you can then get a better idea of what going on. Provide those statistics and graphs to Rogers and explain that it was a single host connected directly to their modem, bypassing any sort of CPE (customer purchased equipment ie: router, etc). This is basically undeniable proof. They may still say it your computer, in which case they could be right. Maybe you have a virus/malware on there which is causing this (and, your buddy has it too?). In this case boot up a different host Canada Goose Parka (computer) and do the same tests. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket Another thing you can do is to try and tunnel your traffic over a VPN. Most throttles will buy canada goose jacket cheap not throttle VPN traffic. This may be tricky for the typical user, but if you have somewhere to endpoint to, you could try this and see what the results are. (You be encrypting the traffic in a tunnel, then bouncing it off another server outside of Rogers network). This could be tricky as it would also rely buy canada goose jacket on the pipe and saturation on said pipe that available at the endpoint. buy canada goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket cheap If support isn giving you the help you need, begin to speak with retentions. Explain that you really don want to leave, but they aren helping you with your issue. Provide your proof. They may be able to fight to get you a senior tech there who will begin to really address the problem. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose store See, the main issue here is multi fold. canada goose store

canada goose black friday sale a) Front line techs typically aren informed of such things (throttling) which may be occurring on some nodes. Even tickets sent up to senior techs will be bounced canada goose black friday sale back with “we dont do that”, which is what they are telling you. It not their fault. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats b) Senior techs may not even be aware canada goose coats

uk canada goose c) If this is just a few nodes in the city, only network engineering / canada goose store IP transport / (or similar) will be aware and it possible it a pilot or temp thing they are doing. Good luck, you never speak to them, so don waste your breath trying. uk canada goose

cheap Canada Goose d) Even if they are doing this, they don care. Nobody is going to force them to stop, and shady practices like this aren monitored by law. Even if you went to the CRTC (who again, doesn give 2 shits, ESPECIALLY about single user problems), they take months (if not years) to even address it with the Telco. Even still, if the Telco said “oh, we dont see a problem”, that be the end of it. So. you fucked. Welcome to the CRTC. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Online Sounds bleak, I know. But, get those graphs, see what you can do, and keep pushing Rogers again and again. Sooner or later someone will know something and it come out. But, if this is your problem in the end (ie: a bad computer, something going on there, etc) expect to open your wallet nice and wide to pay for “diagnostic and maintenance charges”. You don need DPI to prioritize HTTP. There are hundreds if not thousands of professionals who Canada Goose sale use their services and would notice something like that almost immediately. Since it is against the law, it would be nearly impossible to keep secret canadian goose jacket as well. When Bell did their throttling that got it banned, it was noticed immediately. So far, every time someone thinks they being throttled, it turns out to be an unintentional network problem. This is a large publicly traded company, they wouldn just randomly break the law for this one guy connection. They were a few years back and it got axed. Bell just removed DPI from all BAS within the last 2 years (albeit, there was very few left still running it). What they were doing wasn prioritizing HTTP, it was throttling non HTTP Canada Goose Online.

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