Last year, 163,000 from the war torn Middle East and poverty stricken Africa came to this country of 9.8million people. This is the highest per capita ratio in any EU nation easily topping even Angela Merkel’s Germany. Sweden has accepted about one in seven of all the migrants entering Europe..

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moncler factory outlet 11 attacks, has long tied its civil immigration enforcement mission to combating crime by highlighting the number of criminal convicts the agency arrests and removes.The data for the 2017 fiscal year which includes four months under Barack Obama,as well as Trump’s first eight months in office represents less a radical new trajectory for the agency as much as a return to the old status quo of the later George W. Bush and early Obama years.”It’s intentionally going backwards,” Sandweg said. “This administration tries to characterize all undocumented immigrants with the same brush that if you’re an undocumented immigrant, you’re somehow a public safety threat. moncler factory outlet

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