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cheap yeezys We’ve admitted we did it wrong in certain instances, and now to remove that evidence? We might as well start signing the checks,” he said.Frank Addario, the Toronto lawyer hired to write the board’s carding policy, said it would be impossible to sift out properly collected information from wrongful carding stops meaning the choice was between keeping all of the old data or none of it.The new policy passed by the board establishes a system whereby historic information will be retained, but access would be highly restricted. Approval would have to come from the chief, and only be granted when there is a significant public interest or to comply with a legal requirement.The chief would then publicly report on the requests to access data, the number of approvals and rationale and whether the historical data had served a purpose. The board would then strike a review panel to oversee the chief’s reports.”Those measures, I propose, will allow the board to monitor and control how and when old and bad carding data is used,” Addario told the board Thursday.Lawyer Frank Addario says it would be impossible to sift out properly collected information from wrongful carding stops.In a statement, Toronto Mayor John Tory said that while he advocated for the deletion of historic carding data, he believes the proposed policy “appropriately restricts access to this data and increases accountability and transparency around its use.”Stating the new policy must be “a living document,” Toronto city councillor and police board member Shelley Carroll passed a motion to have the chief city solicitor report annually to police headquarters on the status of ongoing carding litigation.”We may find in the judicial decisions that we have a reason to amend the retention policy with respect to that old data,” she told reporters following the board meeting. cheap yeezys

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