Sessions has been in the Senate for two decades, and previously served as ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. As Republican senators routinely reminded the committee, they know Sessions. (“I’m pretty sure you’re not a closet bigot,” Sen.

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cheap jordans for sale Mike Espy, who was Secretary of Agriculture in the Clinton administration, says he\u0027s running in the special election and probably has the inside track. Espy is a well known moderate, and should he face McDaniel in a runoff, there\u0027s a chance he could pull off the upset. If elected, Espy would be the first African American to represent Mississippi in the Senate since Reconstruction.\u00a0Another name that\u0027s been floated for Democrats is Attorney General Jim Hood, but insiders say he\u0027s set on running for governor in 2019.\u00a0So what are Republicans doing to stop that from happening?Step one is appointing someone to take Cochran\u0027s seat. cheap jordans for sale

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